Saturday, December 11, 2010

When they gotta go....they just gotta go!!

Staying on the subject of everyday situations, today I read “ I have to go” by Robert Munsch and art by Michael Martchenko. It is a hilarious tale of a young boy who always says No to the most dreaded question “ Do you have to go pee? only to find a few minutes later that he has to go thereby putting his parents in a fix!! We all know when our little ones want to go …..they really have to go. On reading this book… husband and I said ….” Tell me about it!!!!”

On a recent road trip around the vast wilderness of Texas, we found ourselves in the most perplexing situations wishing it were India where we could take Abhay behind the bush or the rock!!! This is what the father ultimately ends up doing in the book …..and you thought ‘it happens only in India’!!! When it comes to toilet-training, the freedom in India makes things a lot easier. However, an embarrassing fall-out from a trip to India is that your child gets so used to going behind the tree or the lamp-post, he/she'll expect to be able to do the same here!!

Anyway, the book makes a delightful read and highlights the agony of the parents of the toilet- trained rookies. The situations envisaged are so true to life that even Abhay admitted that the boy was like him!!! All dressed up and someone has go ….and go really bad!!! Famished and after a long wait your scrumptious delight is served all piping hot…..your little monster has to go……and now!!! All tucked in and kissed good night….you heave a sigh of relief to enjoy what’s left of the day…..only to hear the bed is wet!!! Well.....Story of my life…..!!!!


  1. :-) so true divya, everyone around Rishi will know he has to pee, he will be saying "no"...and then he will run to restroom...its just with everyone I guess :-)..Nice going yar..

  2. Thanks Ramya!! Glad to know that Im not the only one going through this!!:-)