Thursday, December 30, 2010

Animal antics!

Does your little one ever remind you of a baby animal or a bird at times? I’m not sure if it’s only me….but I find Abhay closely resembling a tiger cub especially when he's trying a hand at wrestling with his dad!! :-) At times, kids are more like animals than humans! This is probably the reason behind the success of animal characters like bunnies, pigs, bears, turtles and even bugs modeled after children with similar challenges and idiosyncrasies!!

One such unusual comparison has been made in the famous Mo Willems’ “Don’t let the Pigeon…..” series. I have so far read “Don’t let the Pigeon drive the bus”, “Don’t let the Pigeon stay up late” and lastly “The Pigeon wants a Puppy”. Abhay was amused with what he recognized as Abhay-like tantrums thrown by the pigeon. These books are good material for a mono-act/role play in front of your kids

The Pigeon represents a pre-schooler- aged kid all prepared to engage in a logical argument on why she should be allowed to do something otherwise forbidden, like drive a bus or stay up late!! You will see that the arguments advanced are tough to refute….much like all our kids when they are trying to prove a point!! I love the way the Pigeon insists “Im not sleepy” with a BIG yawn….just like Abhay asserting “Im full of energy” while struggling to keep his eyes open!!

Today I read “The pigeon wants a puppy” wherein the Pigeon likes something that she has no clue of …but her liking is in the superlative ….just like our kids!! Haven’t we heard them say “I love xxxx” ( a new object or a toy) only seconds after they’ve spotted it the first time in the store.....or claim "That's not fair" when refused. Similarly, the pigeon wants a puppy and in exchange promising a lifetime of good behavior. When nothing works….she gets desperate and left with no option …….she unleashes her most powerful weapon ….. ‘a full blown TANTRUM’!!! When she finally gets what she wants ........she is petrified of the puppy declaring that she has changed her mind and wants a Walrus instead!!!! Does the baby pigeon sound more like your baby?? Mine too!!!:-)

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