Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas special!

This season has everyone doing something special for Christmas from Curious George to Thomas and Friends. One of the Christmas books recommended by the library’s reading list was “Olivia helps with Christmas” by Ian Falconer. As always, Olivia does more than what is expected which sometimes does not produce desirable results. “There’s so much to do”……Olivia says as she is all busy readying the house for Santa’s visit. Being the pushy offspring that she is, Olivia leaves no stone unturned to make Christmas Eve perfect as a result stressing her parents …as the tables turn. Abhay enjoyed this book as he saw Olivia impatiently waiting for Santa as she tossed and turned unable to sleep the night before Christmas. On the Christmas morning, Olivia and her siblings can’t wait to open their presents that Santa has left for them by the Christmas tree. Olivia in turn has a gift for her parents…….her self-portrait that she claims deserves to be hung above the fire place….this is one self-obsessed piglet….much like all our kids!!!

Another highly recommended book that I read today was Fancy Nancy’sA Spendiferous Christmas” by Jane O ‘Connor and illustrated by Robin Priess Glasser. Christmas time is when Nancy is in her best element as everything around her turns fancy just as she expects. Nancy’s patience runs out as she waits for her grandpa to arrive to fix the sparkly tree topper on the glittering Christmas tree. However, when a small mishap threatens to upset her plans, her grandpa's wise words saves the day…..When life gives you a cracked egg, make eggnog!!

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