Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Learning made fun!

I enjoy reading to my son as I love seeing his eyes light up as we explore the fascinating world of picture books together. For me, reading does not necessarily have to be associated with learning or serious study…..but more for fun and spending some quality time with my little one. Having said that, there have been times when I look to a book for introducing my pre-schooler to some learning concepts like alphabets, number, phonics. To put it in a clich├ęd way…..a book to make learning fun!!

I found a nice series called “Get set for Kindergarten!” by Rosemary Wells. This series is based on the lovable characters of the famous story “Timothy goes to School” by the same author. The series makes Abhay feels like he is also a student in Mrs. Jenkins’ class at the Hilltop School where kindergarten concepts are introduced and taught in a creative and engaging way. Today I read “How many? How much?” - the students of Mrs Jenkins class learn about numbers, concepts of measurement and money. There’s also “Adding it up” which introduces the concept of addition through a child-friendly method. The books also suggest simple activities to enable a better understanding of the concept. I also read “The World Around us” which helps children make sense of their surroundings…..their families, communities, transportation, professions. "What kind of a home do you live in – A house, an apartment, farm, townhome; What color is your house ? Do you know your address ? What about your friends’ homes?” Simple questions like these can be a revelation for your little one inspiring him to question and discover the world around him. Other books in the series include “Letters and Sounds”, “Ready to Read” and “Discover and Explore”. A recommended series if you want your pre-schooler to get set for Kindergarten!

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