Saturday, December 18, 2010

Girlie fun!!

As I said, books on cars, trains and trucks are more for boys and girls are not enthused by them. While browsing through picture books in the library, I came across a number of books that are meant more for girls. As much as I love my son, sometimes I do wish ….I had a daughter instead just like I saw my mom at times wish for a son instead of me!!!

It is interesting to find that in most of the books, ‘boys’ are portrayed as being pranksters, or clumsy, wimpy, or the one always getting into trouble. Well……one would say…..that’s the truth ….and it is!!! But what Im trying to say is that….Im yet to find a male counter-part for an over-enthusiastic character like….say ‘Olivia’……have you come across a book on a regular boy as super confident as Olivia without being made into a superhero? Some food for thought!!

Anyway, I reckon all girls are into princesses and their Disney variations….the names of whom …I am totally unaware (Being a parochial mother of a boy!!!) But there is a remarkable series which is hugely popular with young girls……( so popular that this book landed on my lap after almost three months’ wait at the library)…..the “ Fancy Nancy” Series by Jane O’ Connor

If you thought the overconfident and over-zealous Olivia was too much….fancy Nancy, the self styled “Learn to be fancy consultant” whose over-the-top vocabulary may just knock you off. Today I read the introductory “Fancy Nancy” by Jane O’Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser in which this young fashionista is all set to give a crash course to her “plain” looking parents to help them transform themselves into being “ fancy” ( which makes them worthy of being called her mom and dad). Whether it is her passion for fashion or fetish for French, you cannot but love this precocious little girl……who is just that……a little girl with an attitude to die for!!!

Abhay liked this book ……but being a boy…I found his attention waning as he couldn’t quite relate to her penchant for things plume, boa, fuchsia …..understand?? Hmm….a little too fancy maybe!!!!!

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