Monday, December 20, 2010

Adventure Annie and Little Lily

Staying on the subject of books about little girls as protagonists, …..a more subdued example for our girls to emulate is the ‘Adventure Annie’ series by Toni Buzzeo. I have so far read “Adventure Annie goes to Kindergartenand “Adventure Annie goes to work”. As the name suggests, it is a story of an adventure seeking girl who is so full of energy and excitement……that sometimes she is in need of a reality check thus getting snubbed by either her teacher or her mother. But she doesn’t feel discouraged….her indefatigable adventurous spirit emboldens her to brave any roadblock that may appear in the way of reaching her goal - earning the gold star in her class or from her mother. Abhay was taken in by the first book (Adventure Annie goes to Kindergarten) and not so much by the second one. I attribute the easily relatable school setting as reason for it. The story in the book is great lesson for kids (may I further qualify that as mostly boys) who have a serious issue with “listening” to what is being said.

I also read another one of Abhay’s favorite characters….Lily from "Lilly’s Plastic purple purse" by Kevin Henkes…..for some reason he loved hearing about Lily and her spat with her favorite teacher Mr. Slinger. The book captures the excitement of a little girl who just can’t stop showing off her recently acquired prized possession thereby distracting the whole class and inviting her favorite teacher’s ire. The disciplinary measure meted out by the teacher not only embarrasses her and she is left feeling cheated by the one she looks up to. How she comes to terms with that is what the book is all about. Lily is once again caught making her own assumptions only to be disappointed later in ‘Lily’s big day’ by Kevin Henkes. In fact, Lily reminds me of one of my good friends’ three year old daughter whom Abhay loves playing with. A book set down for our next playdate…may be!!

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