Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Car Crazy

As a little girl, I was always into dolls, kitchen sets and other girlie stuff. Now I see my son into cars, trains, trucks and other boy stuff. I always wonder whether boys are genetically pre-disposed towards cars or it is more of a social thing. I don’t ever recall consciously steering him towards what are perceived as ‘boy-crazy’ toys. At the same time, Im not sure if I’ll be all that pleased if he plays with Barbie instead…..although the vice versa ( a girl playing with cars) does not seem strange at all.

One of Abhay’s favorite books is Richard Scarry’sCars and Trucks and Things that Go’. I managed to lay my hands on the classic in a used books sale at the local library. This book is like a dream come true for a boy who is into cars and other moving vehicles. Not much of a story book, but it features all kinds of vehicles from buggies, sport cars, trucks, construction vehicles, wagons, farm vehicles, trailers, snow blower – you name it, the book has it!!

Another classic that may be of interest to moms of car-crazy sons is “ The Two Cars” by Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire which is a four-wheeler version of the ancient fable, The Hare and the Tortoise. The two cars, each of them believe that he’s the best decide to go on a race at night. The story is about what happens during the race and ultimately who can be deemed ‘the winner’…one who wins the race or wins the praise! For a 4 year old boy…the answer was simple. I didn’t expect the underlying meaning to sink in so fast….but it is worth asking ….what is more important ….being the first or being the one who does it right……a question saved for later…perhaps!!

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  1. :-) you wont believe it, I got a kitchen set for Rishi thinking he will play with it (haa haa), just few times he put his cars (!!) and stuffs in the microwave. Thats it...Its really amazing how diff their interests are.