Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/07/1010 - Mad at Mommy

My mother had a big influence on me while I was growing up and in so many ways she still does. Between the two parents, she was definitely the stricter one and I was always fearful of her disapproval. Now that I am a mom myself….I totally understand how she must have felt when I drove her up the wall. I feel that as moms of young children we always get a raw deal being the “follow-up” parent and not the fun parent. We are always saying …... “get out of bed”, “brush your teeth” , “did you wash your hands ?” , “did you finish your food ?” , “ Do you wannna go pee pee” ?? !!!! Thus, its no surprise when they “ Daddy is my best friend”!!! Im not sure of other moms, but I find it hard to ‘let go’ the way my husband does when it comes to parenting.

There are times when I introspect and casually wonder what image does Abhay conjure up when it comes to his mommy.....not a very pleasing image …I guess.... as he loves the book “ Mad at Mommy” by Komako Sakai. He liked the book so much that I decided to buy it for him as a reminder for me to lighten up!!!:-)

I couldn’t resist uploading the cover picture of the book.

That little bunny who is mad at his mommy bears a striking resemblance to my little one when angry with his mom. The little bunny lists out various situations when his mom’s nagging and chiding makes him mad….so mad that he decides to leave to go someplace far only to return immediately looking for his ball and wondering if his mom has missed him yet!! And boy is he glad to come back … he decides to bury the hatchet for a big hug from his mommy!!!

“Give me a hug” is what Abhay always says when patching things up with me… he likes the ending in the book and asks for a hug as I turn the last page. What can I say…..all’s well that ends well.


  1. Good one Divya. No child wants things to remain unsettled, more so of tiff with parents. I always felt you were a little harsh many times and acting with less patience towards the growing child.
    But Amma says it is not always easy to be patient with the adament child.
    Appa & Amma