Tuesday, April 12, 2011

100 and not out!

Today I’ve completed a mini-milestone in my blogging history – my 100th post!  Of course, I know it’s really not a big deal when compared to people who’ve been blogging for years now. When I started this little blog, I was not sure if I could live up to its title but I tried hard to keep up and read at least 5-6 picture books per week. Some of my friends have asked me if I read to my son every day and the answer being “Yes, I try to”. It’s just not me but millions of parents do too, especially in places like the US. Reading to your child is such an integral part of a parent’s life, and trust me when I say it really pays to start early. Moreover, it’s not too hard to find picture books to read every day, thanks to the amazing US public library system! It doesn’t cost you even a penny to lay your hands on the best of children’s literature at your local library. I wish we had something like this in India too as it will certainly be a challenge to keep up when we move back to Bangalore in a few months from now!  Anyway, here’s hoping for the best!

Today, I helped Abhay read Fancy Nancy’sThe 100th day of School” by Jane O’Connor and pictures based on the art of Robin Preiss Glasser, a Level 1 beginning reader series. It will soon be the 100th day of school and everyone in class is doing something special for the day. Her friend Bree is wearing a hat with 100 feathers, Robert is sporting his 100 stamps collection, Lionel has made a ball out of 100 rubber bands. Nancy is clueless as to what her contribution will be. Her parents are eager to help but their ideas don’t seem innovative enough for Fancy Nancy! Finally, she finds inspiration from an unexpected source that makes way to the most creative contribution on the occasion  of the 100th day of school. But class favorite is the teacher Ms. Glass’s contribution  – 100 books to read before the end of the school term. No prizes for guessing what my contribution to “One Story a day’ will be – 100 more books to read in the next 100 days! Thanks to all the readers who keep this blog going!:-)


  1. Congratulations Divya! Reading itself is such a good hobby.But to read and blog is really a very good effort from you.Your blog is a gift to your son, also it inspires many who read your blog as there is moral message in every blog.Your readers too relive their childhood while reading your blog. :-) keep blogging!!

  2. Divya,
    Congratulations on your 100TH posting.Keep going. It is not easy to get the books here or may be we are not aware of the different types of facilities available here.But we are all here w ith you in your endeavour.

  3. Congratulations!
    We enjoy reading your blog and your views/comments and the concise narration of story books you read to Abhay are praiseworthy. Keep it up!

  4. Divya, its time to compile your wonderful posts into a book.
    Go for it ! With all the childrens publishing houses in the US, you stand an easy chance.....


  5. Congratulations Divya,

    I clearly remember the day when you told me so passionately that you wanted to do this. I am so glad that you continued it with the same passion and dedication. Keep going... I can make tea for the writer :-)

  6. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words!

  7. Congratulations Divya! You write beautifully. I love how you share a personal story in each post which provides the context for your book-of-the-day. Please keep blogging, you have some ardent followers!

  8. Congrats Divya! Thanks once again for this wonderful blog..

  9. Congratulations Divya, I read this post past your 100th, but its great that you keep going. I also like Shilpa's idea of a book :)

    Its quite an achievement that you keep reading one book every day without fail. Keep going. If i ever relocate to Delhi, maybe I can be a partner in this wonderful crime of yours :).