Friday, December 17, 2010

Bed-time for Engines!

Reading these books on cars, trucks and other engines, Abhay is hardly in the mood for bedtime. He jumps out of his bed instead all ready to rev his little engines into action. So I went looking for a book where all engines shut shop for the day….and sure enough I found one!! “ Off go their Engines, Off go their lights” by Janice Milusich and illustrated by David Gordon. As the sky turns red late one summer evening, the ubiquitous yellow taxi picks up its last passenger for the day. While driving to its final destination, the taxi passes by other vehicles such as Fire Engine, dump truck, delivery truck, police car and ice cream truck that are winding up for the day and turning off their respective engines. As the cars and trucks all say their good nights, it is now time for your little one to call it a day too!!
Another book that it best suited for bed time, especially for boys is “ Good Night Engines” by Denise Dowling Mortensen. This can compare to a “Princess–bed time story” for girls. The little boy in the book is seen getting all his engines ready for bed time….parking his fire engines, his airplanes landed into safety, pulling his trains onto the siding thus giving a definite signal to your boy that all his engine friends need a good night’s rest after a day’s exhausting play and so does he. On reading this book to Abhay, I could get my four year old to at least reluctantly admit that he is also tired and maybe it was time for him to go to bed too. Both the books have an illustration at the end where in the boy is holding on to his favorite engine as he lies asleep in his bed. The result??.....Move over ’Knuffle bunny’ …it is time for ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ to be Abhay’s toy friend in bed.

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