Monday, December 6, 2010

12/05/2010 - An old favorite

Today Abhay was not in a mood for any library books but wanted to read some of his old favorites that were lying around in the house. “How do Dinosaurs eat their food?”by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague I found this particular title closest to my situation when compared to the other titles in the Dinosaurs Series by Jane Yolen.

For parents of picky eaters, meal times can be such an ordeal and almost every day your house turns into a battle ground during those crucial hours!!!!The clever tactics adopted by the dinosaurs in the book closely resembles the ones employed by our innovative little monsters when dinner is served. The book features everyday food issues like spitting out the broccoli, fussing, fidgeting and playing with food.

Another Dinosaur book that can be a good start for any play date is “ How do Dinosaurs play with their friends?by the same authors. I've decide to read this book aloud to the Abhay on his next play date which most of the time turns into a tug-of war of toys between him and his friends.

Since most of the “How do Dinosaurs......” books have a similar pattern of narration …I remember once my husband and I tried to adapt the same style while waking up Abhay in the morning. Almost instantly we had another Dinosaur story…..

How do Dinosaurs wake up the morning? …

Do they respond to your “Good Morning” with a “ Good night”? ( which my son always does)

Do they pull up the sheets and say “ 5 more minutes, 5 more minutes”

Do they scream and yell back at you?


They wake up as soon the clock strikes 7.00 Am

They wake up with big smile and excitedly say “ Good Morning”

They jump out of the bed and are ready for the day!!!!

Good Morning Little Dinosaur!!!:-)

( P.S - Did it help?? ......if only wishes were....dinosaurs!!!:-)

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