Friday, December 24, 2010

A Boy with a crayon

If you have children, you’ll know they are into different phases during their childhood, some of them being nice …making you feel like a job well done…..and some so annoying that you cannot wait for it to pass. Whatever the phase is…….. “Anne wala pal jaane wala hai”…..Whatever comes…goes!!! My four year old son Abhay is now obsessively into drawing…….which in itself is something to be proud of …he prefers staying in his room all day doodling and drawing instead of watching his favorite TV shows!!!Im like….Man!!! This is too good to be true……but lest I forget…….I have brace myself as this may only be temporary!! I guess I have already jinxed it by making a mention of this in the blog!!! (Oh God…Touchwood!!!)

For those moms who are in the exact same phase as I am…….a must read is “ Harold and the Purple Crayon” by Crockett Johnson. I remember when I first checked out this book at the library, the man at the check-out counter said it had been one of his favorite books as a child. I wondered…how old is this book… I flipped through the pages, it didn’t take me long to realize why this was a classic.

Today I read about his Christmas journey “Harold at the North Pole” by the same author. The imaginative kid with a purple crayon is all set for Christmas eve…there’s one problem…he has to find a Christmas tree. So donning his winter cap and slipping on his mittens, he starts off his adventure to the North woods creating the much needed snow and Snowman with the power of his purple crayon. With so much snow around, he was mighty sure that this was the North Pole, where Santa's workshop lay buried in a snowdrift as big as a house. ‘That can’t be’….he thinks…..Santa cannot be snowed in on Christmas eve. Acting fast ….he comes to the rescue of Santa and his eight reindeers and almost gets a peek into Santa’s bag of toys!! Refraining himself against all odds, he waves good bye, letting Santa do his job of delivering toys. He is still left where it all began……in search of a Christmas tree creating which he does a splendid job of…..all with his purple crayon. Makes me want to say to my son……..All world’s a canvas ....create what you want with a crayon of your choice.

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  1. divya,
    Christmas spirit is in your blog. IT IS good that ACHHU gets the support from you to explore the canvas. Ihope he is aquick learner.
    Your influence on him to colour his canvas is praisworthy.