Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sari makes a statement!

Last week’s pre- school story time at the library featured an around-the-world theme. Along with stories on various cultures like Hispanic, Chinese and Middle Eastern, I was pleasantly surprised to find one on India. Well, it’s about time that we Indians are recognized for who we are and what we represent, in the self absorbed mainstream American world! In many places like Portland, every fifth person you meet is of an Indian origin, so I guess we are a definite force to reckon with! Of course, that doesn’t spare you from having to explain something twice simply because you don’t speak in an American accent. Well, I cant complain too much as we’ve come a long way from having to clear the quintessential American doubt about elephants roaming on Indian roads!:-)

Anyway, the book that made me feel proud of my roots was “My Mother’s Sari” by Sandhya Rao and illustrated by Nina Sabnami and sure enough I brought it home to show my four year old what his mom ought to be wearing! :-) A traditional Indian attire seen from the eyes of a child, this book is sure to bring a smile to your little one. A little boy is shown comparing his mom’s long sari to a train that fills the air with color when he dances and sings. A sari is like river to sail down or a rope to climb up or can be a place to hide when playing hide n’ seek with friends. A young girl points out that a sari can also be used to wipe one’s nose or as blanket when resting. Whatever it may be used for, she loves her mother’s saris and loves how it makes her dream! I loved the authentic illustrations of all the saris – be it the image of a traditional kanjeevaram, or a tie n’ dye sari, or a cotton chettinad design, all of them seem like they’ve been picked right out of my mother’s wardrobe! I love my mother’s saris too!:-)

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