Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Square's fair!

What I love about children’s books in the US is that they tackle so many different issues that parents and  kids face today and will probably face tomorrow! Why I love writing this blog is because I can chronicle my experience of sharing those books that I read to my son today and nostalgise about them tomorrow when he’s older and past his age of innocence. Not only that, some of these books have deeper meanings or important life lessons hidden in their stories that may prove to be useful not only during his awkward teens or confusing youth but indeed throughout his life! 

Today I read one such book that went over Abhay’s head for now, but is sure to ring bell in a few years from now. “Square Cat” by Elizabeth Schoonmaker is a story of Eula, a square cat who wishes to be round like other cats.  She finds that life is tough for a square cat – her favorite circle skirt not fitting right; mouse holes seem impossible for her chase into and most importantly she finds it hard to get back up when she tips over. Her friends Patsy and Maude, both round cats try to cheer her up but it doesn't seem to work. Finally, they both slip into square boxes and become just like Eula. They  demonstrate how a round cat couldn’t quite carry off a checkerboard sweater as well as a square cat or how a painting of a square cat is priceless or how they make excellent square dancers and finally reassure Eula that mouse holes are impossible even for round cats! Eula jumps with joy and so do her friends with their boxes. When they tip over and fall on their backs and they gaze into the blue sky and they realize something -  only a square cat can have this view of the sky! As mentioned earlier, Abhay didn’t quite get the underlying meaning of the story but he seemed to be fascinated by the square cat and its capabilities. All I want to say is the days to come, just remember, do not despair that you are unlike the rest rather celebrate the same! :-)


  1. Squarely delighted!

    Thank you, Divya.


    Elizabeth Schoonmaker
    Square Cat
    Aladdin Books, In Stores Now!

  2. There! What more do you need now, than the author herself writing in !

  3. Dear Elizabeth

    I feel honored that you visited my blog. Simply loved your book. I'm obliged that you posted a link of my blog on Thank you!

  4. Deepa

    Thanks! That really felt good!:-)

  5. Dear Deepa,
    As you may have read, Square Cat is my first picture book. Eula has been with me for a very long time which makes it extra sweet in sharing her story. As one 7 year old girl said, "Being square is different and being different is special. Since we are all different we are all special."

    That Eula!

    Thank you and please keep in touch!