Monday, July 11, 2011

The Big Idea!

Ever since Abhay has been off school, he is the first one to wake up in the morning! Ironic …isn’t it? You would expect him to doze off his mornings and let me enjoy my cup of coffee in solitude …but kids are not meant to make life easier for you, right?:-) So when I went to check on him the first thing in the morning, he was sitting at his desk and doing something that had caused amongst other things, a supreme paper mess!! When asked what he was up to, he said he was trying to come up with an idea of a birthday card for his friend whose birthday party we were to attend later in the day. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with a perfect idea and that explained the clutter. Well….a not so perfect idea of greeting me in the morning!:-)

At the library I found a book with an illustration on its cover page, very similar to the scene in Abhay’s room yesterday. “What’s the Big Idea Molly” written by Valeri Gorbachev is a story of a mouse named Molly who is in a quest for a perfect idea for her poem and so are her friends who have to think of a perfect gift for their friend turtle. With all of them ending up with the same idea, supposedly by way of co incidence, it is up to Molly to save the day. Finally Molly hits upon a brilliant idea and has her friends work on the same to produce the most original idea for a gift, the by product of which is a paper mess, of course!!! So here it is me asking - "What’s the big idea, Abhay?":-)

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  1. Restless mind!
    wants to do something or the other.
    How do you keep him engaged at home during his holidays?
    Happy holidaying!