Friday, July 29, 2011

The Brand New Kid!

As a part of “Get Set for India” series, today I talked to Abhay about his new school in Bangalore and what to expect being a new kid in school. Well, Abhay is not exactly new to this new school situation as he has already changed three schools in his three years of schooling! It is the same with Abhay's father - with my father in law being transferred to a different place every three years, mu husband too is familiar with being the new kid on the block! If there’s anyone who’s never had the unenviable experience, it’s me! Though my father was on a transferable job, I stayed put in Bangalore along with my mother. The result being, from preschool to Class 10, I was in the same school with no change and no hope for change! :-)  Hey….there is no reason to complain, I have more number of school ‘friends’ on facebook than my husband! :-)

Anyway, today I read “Brand New Kid” by Katie Couric and illustrated by Marjorie Priceman. Ellie and Carrie are excited to start the academic year and both wonder what’s in store for them. As their teacher begins taking the attendance roll, they soon realize that there is a new kid in class! The new kid has a funny face, accent and a real different name called Lazlo. Instead of making him comfortable in the new surroundings, he is made to feel lonely and unwelcome by the entire class. Feeling bad for Lazlo, Ellie offers to play with him after school and Lazlo is more than happy to invite her home to a game of checkerboard and soccer. When Ellie is pulled up by her classmates for being friends with the strange new kid, she tries to explain to them that even with a funny face and an equally funny accent, he is no different from them! Its not long before Lazlo graduates from being the new kid to just a regular kid in school! I just hope Abhay's fits into his new class sooner than Lazlo did!

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  1. Divya,
    More than Abhay Iam worried about his school and how he will adjust , how his classmates treat him.But I know kids will get over that soon.You know Divya, I used to this kind of feeling when you were kid!!