Saturday, July 23, 2011

Racing Abhay!

For Abhay, life is a race! I know this is not far from the truth but what’s the hurry in arriving at this realization? He has an entire life to worry about catching up and now is the time to take it a little easy! Well, don’t we know, we’ve been through it …right? Anyway, Abhay wants to compete with his best friend Suhas at everything, at all times and in every possible situation – whether together or alone in their houses, at drawing class, at the park, during a play date in a third person’s house – they are each other’s constant competitors! Even over telephone, the only thing I hear Abhay say is “I'm first and you are not”!  In fact, to tell you the truth, I may have played a part in turning my son into a competitive monster as I found his competitive spirit  to  work wonderfully at the dinner table ….. “I bet Suhas has already finished his lunch ….you are not even half way through!” Hey…I should have the right to jump on the bandwagon too! :-)

Shamelessly continuing to take advantage of his obsession with racing, I had him read “Race Around the worlda Disney Early Reader based on the movie Cars 2 by Susan Amerikaner. At least the story in the book is a lot simpler than the movie!  In a contest between race cars of the world held  in Japan, a race car from Italy stands out and finishes first. But Lightening McQueen is not happy and is determined to win the second race. In the second race held in Italy, when some race cars spin out of control, Lightening McQueen wins the race against his Italian competitor. The final race is in Radiator Springs and as all the cars line up, the race ends in a surprise tie and it is left to the reader to decide who the winner is. As Abhay finishes reading this early reader, he is quick to point out  Amma, Im the first one to finish this book …right…not Suhas”:-)


  1. OH GOD!
    You are not lagging behind in preparing your son for the rat race?
    Let him have his way of doing things and comparing himself with his friend Suhas.
    When he comes here he will have many more Suhas to deal with or to confront with unlike small group of classmates in Portland.Let him not have the fwar of failure lest he will not be comfortable trying out new things in Life.

  2. I mean not comparing himself with Suhas?