Sunday, July 17, 2011

Its soon moving day!

With roughly four weeks to go before we leave the US, we’ve done everything there is to do to set ground for our move. With the notice to vacate our lease given, tickets booked and our car sold, we are officially moving and now there’s no looking back!:-) We’ve tackled the biggies and are now left to sweat over the small stuff. As we handed over our car keys to the buyer, Abhay took a good look at him as if to inspect the future driver of the car that had his name on it….even literally! Though Abhay doesn’t realize it now, this was probably our only car to have ABHAY-K on its registration plates! 

So to let Abhay know that its not us who move in and move out, I had his daddy read to him “It’s Moving Day” by Pamela Hickman and illustrated by Geraldo Valerie. After a long winter’s sleep, a woodchuck sees that it’s time to move out of his underground burrow and set up a summer home above ground. In the meantime during summer, a cotton tail rabbit moves into the burrow to raise a family. By fall, the rabbit has raised its family who now moves out to find a winter home and the burrow is soon occupied by a yellow spotted salamander to keep itself warm from the harsh winter. The rain in the spring wakes up the salamander who then moves out of the burrow to the woodland pool to lay eggs. The latest occupant, a raccoon finds the burrow a perfect place to raise her kits till the next season. Come summer and its moving day for the raccoon family who also moves out of the burrow to make room for the next occupants and so goes on the circle of life in the burrow! Every season brings a new occupant to the burrow and with a change in season; there arises a change of residence. A moving book to illustrate the fact that change is the only constant in the world.

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  1. Feel bad to loose the prized possession. He has been enjoying ride on it alone at the rear seat and going to all over places in portland including school, swimmimg/painting classes. No doubt he will look for a big car in India and not our small Alto or Maruti 800.
    Which car you have short listed to buy on arrival here and you may to get approval from your little one before you make a purchase, lest he will miss his ride of Portland!