Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Abhay's moving Van!

As the D day (moving day) draws near, we accomplished the formidable task of handing over our shipment to the shipping company over the weekend. So as of now, I can say that we have moved …partially!!! Our shipment comprises of 18 boxes with over 5 boxes full of Abhay’s toys!  I’m sure these toys have a way multiplying without us realizing it! In three years, Abhay’s toys have swelled from a boxful to a roomful and turned my four year old into a pat rack! Abhay wanted all of them to be shipped, with no exceptions - oversize or not, age appropriate or not – he dumped them all! With some shrewd negotiation on our part, we managed to pull out his infant/toddler toys from the boxes. After a lot of elbow greasing we successfully fit his oversize toys in an extra large box that wasn’t a part of the estimate at all! We’ll soon find out how much his inflexibility and our flexibility has cost us!  Even after all this, his room looks far from empty!:-) 

Abhay was all excited to see our boxes being picked up and moved to a FedEx truck to be taken to the port in California and was wondering how the move will go. So today I read “Big Dan’s Moving Dan” by Leslie McGuire and illustrated by Joe Mathieu. Big Dan drives a moving van that helps people move from their old house to a new house. On one such working day, he is seen helping the Moore family move from New York to California. Big Dan and his helpers pack all their belongings into boxes and load all their furniture into the van. Big Dan then gets on the highway and heads west. On the way to California, he stops at the weigh bridge to weigh his van only to find out that there is room for some more. His dispatcher then instructs him to pick up a package from an old couple in Ohio to drop it off at their granddaughter’s place in Illinois. From Illinois, he drives through five states in five days to reach California. When he arrives at the new house of the Moores’, are they glad to be reunited with their furniture and belongings! Big Dan unloads everything, bids them goodbye and sets off to help another family move from California to New York!  So yesterday Abhay’s belongings were picked up by a moving van like that of Big Dan to help him move to his new house across seven seas! See you soon – Abhay’s red bike!


  1. It must be so exciting. It's like moving away from home to another home!

  2. Hey Trupti
    It is exciting to be back in Bangalore and at the same time sad to be leaving Portland. For Abhay though, he is all geared up to be pampered by his grandparents!

  3. Divya,
    When I read your blog and your efforts to negotiate with Abhay regarding disposal of his infant/ toddler toys, I was remembering our dilemma recently as to whether we can clear some of your things still
    ( your school day notes and many other items like dress,books toys etc ) still lying in our place and to make room for new things that are to come here on your arrival.Ifyou were to decide their disposal, I am sure your would have been a bit reluctant.Buying things are easy but their disposal becomes difficult even when we outgrow as we are so much attached to them emotionally. I fully empathise with you and understand the relutance of Abhay to part with his toys.