Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kitchen helpers!

 A couple of days ago, my son asked me if boys could play with kitchen sets. Not sure of where this was going, I didn’t respond immediately. When he persisted, I replied yes but at the same time asked him if playing with pots and pans excited him just as much as playing with trains or race cars. Being my son after all, he answered my question with another question – this time wondering whether his father enjoys “playing” with my kitchen utensils! Well, I don’t think he has a choice …I thought but told Abhay that it was a question best saved for his dad! Whatever his response may be, I’m sure “playing” is not quite the choice of words he would like to use!!  :-) What do you say …Abhay’s dad? :-)
So I couldn’t resist picking up a library book titled “Kitchen Dance” written and illustrated by Maurie J Manning.  A little girl who is supposed to be fast asleep at night creeps out of her bed on hearing clinking and clanking sounds emanating from the kitchen. She wakes up her baby brother and together they tip toe down the stairs and peep through the kitchen door. What do they see – their papa holding a wooden spoon pretending to use it as a mike and singing a Spanish song joined by their Mama as they both wash the dishes! Once the dishes are done, both of them tango across the room, all along wiping the pots dry, sweeping the kitchen floor and disposing off the leftovers when they suddenly spot two pairs of eyes spying on them. Papa swings the door wide to find the spy kids trying to escape when he pulls them near and the four of them twirl around to an unexpected family musical night. Finally, the lively kitchen dance mellows into a slow waltz with the kids falling asleep to their parents’ hum in their arms! I loved the illustrations of a Hispanic family singing and dancing  around their kitchen! So if you desire company in the kitchen either to help you with the dishes or for an occasional tango, have the daddy read “Kitchen Dance” to your little spy!

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