Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day!

Yesterday was the fourth of July, a holiday in the United States commemorating the American Independence day. In the US, Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, carnivals, picnics, fairs, concerts and even Independence Day themed parties at home! So in the US, it’s not just a public sponsored celebration, but Independence Day offers an opportunity for every American to rejoice in the  nation’s freedom – from wearing the American flag to hanging red and blue decorations outside the house to baking the fourth of July cake to lighting fireworks in their own front yards  - the star spangled banner is everywhere! Most cities host grand firework displays in celebration of the Independence Day and  since it was our last Fourth of July, we didn’t want to miss it!  However, it wasn’t one of Abhay’s favorite outings! Being extra, extra sensitive to loud noises, he watched the fireworks over the sky, with both hands on his ears!!! Im waiting to celebrate Abhay’s independence from his phobias!:-)
Independence day being a major holiday, in the American context, trust me to read a book on the same!  Today’s book was “Hats off for the fourth of July” by Harriet Zerfert and illustrated by Gustaf Miller. In the town of Chatham, Massachusetts, everyone is seen  eagerly waiting for the Fourth of July Parade. The parade begins with the twirlers walking down the street, followed by the cowboys on horses, then by the kids sitting on top of the whale along with the town’s favorite teacher Mrs. Eelgrass  who is followed by the high school band with a big brass drum who in turn is tailgated by the motorcyclists with  the patriots marching  behind along with their muskets and hats followed by the little league with their baseball hats with music and drum playing all along. Everyone marches on the fourth of July with their hats off as the flag passes by. As the parade draws close, the sky comes alive with the fireworks of fourth of July! Though a day late, here’s wishing the folks in the US  Happy Independence Day’!  

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