Hi! I am Divya Purandar from Bangalore, India with my husband, in-laws, and a  fifteen year old son and a seven year old little diva! Many moons ago, during a brief stay in the US, I was amazed at the public library system there and felt a child-like excitement on finding  “Picture-Books”. I felt as if I was reliving my childhood!!

Reading every day is an activity I have always enjoyed with my son and my one-on-one time with him.  Having come a long way since the days of board books and lift-a-flap books, I realized that once my son progresses into reading by himself  ( which he already has!), he may no  longer want to be read to. That’s when the idea of a blog came to me as I felt the necessity to chronicle our experience of reading various picture books and this effort is more for me than my children as it represents a huge part of their early childhood that I would like to cherish for the rest of my life. Now that my little one too absolutely loves the read aloud picture books, I couldn’t have asked for more….and I now get to read some of the books second time around and relive the same moments with her.

The name of the blog  is inspired by a Kannada children’s book series called  “Dinakkondu kathe” which means “ One story a day”. I remember how my mom used to read and narrate the stories from the book series. Thanks to her, she inspired in me a lifetime of reading. 
Though  I was initially skeptical about finding enough books to read to my children, especially after our short sojourn in the US,  I must say that Bangalore didn’t let me down when it came to availability of picture books and we were relieved to continue reading one story a day....everyday!

The purpose of the blog is not to review a book in a strict sense but more of a personal account of how my children or I felt while reading a particular book. Anyway, over  a span of ten years, Onestoryaday has become such an integral part of my mommy-hood, that not only allows me go  chronicle our reading experiences but also serve as a sounding board for my parental musings.

Hope you enjoy the blog as  much as I enjoy writing it.