Saturday, June 18, 2011

Driving Daddy!

Most parents would agree that it is not right to compare your child with another’s. Well, most parents would also agree, that this is easier said than done.It’s hard not to notice the difference between your child and another. I’m not sure of the others, but I’m definitely guilty of occasionally comparing my son to his best friend as far as his eating habits go. As if to pay for our sins, off late we’ve found that the tables have turned and Abhay compares us to his friend’s parents. He always complains that his father does not drive as fast as his friend’s dad. As the boys are picked up from school by their respective dads, they race against each other as to whose dad is first to leave the parking lot and hit the road. In fact, he was even voicing his disappointment to his teacher about the tardiness of his parents vis-a vis his friend’s dad!! Of course, the fact that Abhay’s friend takes half as long as he does to gather his belongings, put on his jacket and buckle up his seat belt, has absolutely nothing to do with why we can’t get out the parking lot first!:-)  

Today I had Abhay read a book from his favorite early reader series – ‘Drive Along’ by Melinda Melton Crow. As usual, this a story of two trucks – a green truck and a two truck. Both the green truck and tow truck try to put on a show as to who is the best. Green truck declares that it can go fast and slow, in and out, up and down and so does the Tow Truck. But the green truck, being a dump truck can lift cans whereas the tow truck being a truck that tows vehicles goes on to show that it can lift the green truck itself!! Finally, both the trucks realize that they both are different and meant for varied tasks and no matter what,  still are pals! So trying to draw a parallel, I explained that his father does not always go fast as he is a safe driver, to which my logically thinking son asked “So my friend’s dad is not a safe driver?”

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