Monday, June 6, 2011

'I'm scared read"!

June 5th 2011
Most of the days, I pick out a book that is similar to Abhay’s situation but today a situation was created because of a book.  A situation that could have been avoided had I not read the book to Abhay!  Reading the book cost us our precious Sunday evening! One of our friends had gifted Abhay a Nature exploration set that came with a miniature tent meant to be spread out indoors that Abhay simply loved. Unfortunately, his room in the new apartment wasn’t big enough to accommodate his favorite hideout that was lying folded somewhere in the loft…..until Abhay read this book! Thanks to this book, we spent half our Sunday looking for it and when we finally managed to find it, we spent the other half looking for a missing part that was crucial to its set-up! So the lesson learned is to look before you leap meaning have a look at the book you plan to read to see what it may entail or how many of your weekends it may cost!
The book accused of robbing me of my quiet Sunday afternoon is “Im not Scared” by Kirsten Hall and illustrated by Jan Holub. This book is a “My First Reader” in the Scholastic Early reader series.   Well, I thought this book will help my son overcome his fear of little things like bumble bees or climbing trees or sleeping without a night light, all of which the boys shown in the book are not scared of. Little did I know that from now on, I'll be the one who will be scared of reading anything to him! Anyway, the two boys are seen acting all brave and fearless as they set up their tent in the garden with the intention of camping out all night without a light. But as they hear an owl hoot near-by, both of them admit to being scared after all and abandon their camping plans and run home to sleep in the comfort of their parent’s bed! Abhay too wanted to spread out a tent in his room similar to the one  shown in the book and I’m hoping that’s where the similarity ends!

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