Wednesday, June 8, 2011 be missed!

As the countdown to our move (back to India) begins, Im making a list of things to get or activities to do before we head back. Once I’m back in Bangalore, there will be lot things about the US that I’ll sadly miss and a lot more I will be glad to miss.  I’m more than happy to miss the long rainy winters; I certainly won’t miss feigning interest when someone talks about the Red Sox or Cleveland Browns or the Pittsburg Steelers! I will be happy to miss the dearth of vegetarian menu options in an American Restaurant; I surely won’t miss being tied to a single cell phone for 12 months (for people who dont know....Its only in places like India you can change your cell phone every week without being saddled with a penalty)! That said, my ‘sad to miss” list isn’t getting any shorter either…and topping the list is driving on US roads!

Anyway, another activity that we may not get to do in the near future is playing in snow. So over the last weekend, we made a day trip to Mount St. Helens and had the opportunity to snowball each other and strike out one on our US bucket list!:-) Since Abhay enjoyed the snow, I had him read a book titled “Snow Trouble” by Melinda Melton Crow, a level 1 in Stone Arch Reader series. Three trucks – green truck, blue truck and dump truck go up the snow mountain when blue truck skids and slides on the ice path and calls out for help. The dump truck decides to help and gets some sand and the green truck makes a snow pile and together they help prevent their buddy from sliding down the snow mountain. Not much of a story weaved in, but this Early Reader series makes an excellent read for emergent readers like Abhay who get a sense of accomplishment as they reach the last page. As soon as Abhay finished reading this book, he turned to the back cover and requested for more titles shown therein. I couldn’t help but feel proud of my little reader! ( Of course ...not to forget...touchwood!)

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