Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cars and Cars!

You can take a boy out of cars but you can’t take cars out of a boy.  Well, for the moms of little race car fans; today is a big day – the release of the Disney movie “Cars 2”.  For any loyal fan of Lightening McQueen, it’s time to cruise into the theater; for his loyal parents, this is not the time to apply breaks! So we caught the first day, third show of the movie in its 3D version today and I must admit that I wasn’t bored. Though the plot seemed a little too complex for kids like Abhay, he seemed to enjoy watching the 3D racing adventure. Of course, not to forget racing against his parents to empty the humungous bucket of popcorn that he managed to polish off even before the movie began!!! 

In honor of the most famous race car in the world of our budding NASCAR fans, today I read “Roadwork” a story revolving around Lightening McQueen and his best friend Mater, the tow truck. Based on the movie Cars, this is a level 2 book in the Step into reading early reader series. ‘Radiator Springs’ is getting ready for visitors who come knocking on its doors, thanks to Lightening McQueen and his huge fan following. New roads have been paved, all resident cars have been given a fresh coat of paint, Luigi’s tire shop has new tires to sell, Sally fixes up her motel for a perfect place for guests to rest, new road signs have been put up by the sheriff and the whole town is all spruced up and Lightening McQueen is all set to welcome everyone to Radiator Springs! A must read for any Lightening McQueen fan!

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