Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love daddy!

Riding high on father’s day spirit, my husband offered to read another book at bedtime tonight….and hey…who was I to complain? I realized that blogging has its own advantages on the home front …especially when you want to get things done! :-) As long as Abhay gets to listen to one story a day, both Abhay and his mommy are happy! 

Allowing my husband to bask in the glory of paternal love and appreciation, I chose the book titled “I love my daddy” by Sebastien Braun. This book celebrates a father-son relationship between a bear and his cub and this bond is beautifully brought out in their everyday lives. Narrated in first person by the little bear, this is a son’s acknowledgment of how many different ways his dad’s loving actions touch his day. Right from waking him up in the morning, to feeding him, to washing and splashing with him, to playing with him, to yawning with him, gazing at the sky with him, to cuddling and tickling him, his daddy looks after him for which little bear declares that he loves his daddy!! Of course, on reading this book, Abhay too had the same thing to say to his daddy and I can’t help feeling like there's a ‘halo’ over my head now for making this poignant moment happen!:-)

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