Friday, June 3, 2011

I need help!

Most toddlers and pre-schoolers develop a sense of independence that is no doubt desirable but may  also prove to be a nuisance at times. Typically, they want to do things all by themselves when it’s clearly impossible and the times they can really afford to be self reliant, they'll need help. For instance, most American kids self feed by the age of two whereas our Indian kids need help all the way till four and sometimes beyond!  Whereas, most toddlers or preschoolers do not have a traffic sense and yet refuse to hold hands when crossing the road. Most kids aged 3-4 are big enough to sleep on their own, but they still long to cuddle in their parents’ bed and this is especially true of Abhay! Whereas, most four year olds are not competent enough to handle some electronic appliances like the iron box or the blue ray player and still they insist on operating them like adults!
Today I came across a book that tells your little one that it is okay to get help. “I need a little Help” written by Kathy Schulz and illustrated Ann Iosa is an Emergent Level book in the Rookie reader series that your pre schooler may be able to read with a little help! :-) A little boy does not hesitate to ask for his mommy’s help to tie his shoe lace or read the newspaper or to fix his broken toy or to zip his coat or find his seat in the movie theatre. When his mommy assists him to all of the above, he once again seeks her help to share his savory snack. Hmm……I too wouldn’t mind helping Abhay  finish his box of M & M’s and when I offered, no prizes for guessing what his reply was!  

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