Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day!

Today being father’s day, this post is dedicated to all the dads in the world and specially to the two dads in my life – my own dad and my son’s dad! :-)  Fathers may be less demonstrative than mothers,  more lenient than moms (at least my dad was and my son's dad is!) or less hands-on than mothers or out on work more often than mothers, but they are always there for you when you need them. Despite his traveling job in a bank, my dad was always there for me – right from singing me to sleep as a baby or to teaching me to ride a bike as a toddler or driving me to school or music and dance classes or helping me prepare for my school debates or teaching me to drive the car as a teenager or guiding me with my career choices or helping me put my infant son to sleep as a new mom - my dad has done it all. Thanks appa – I owe you big time especially for the last one and hoping  to avail more of your grand-dad services when I return to India next month!:-) Anyway, as I became a mom I was glad to see that parenting is no longer centered around moms but is a shared responsibility with dads being actively involved from changing diapers to cooking the kid’s favorite meal or driving them to school or waking up in the middle of the night to take them to the bathroom  – they do it all and thank God for that!!! What would we do without our little one’s dad – thanks Raja! 

Today I had Abhay’s dad read to him “The Daddy Book” by Todd Parr, a book about different kinds of dads who all work hard to make life easier for their families! Some daddies take picture of their little ones whereas some daddies like to draw pictures of their little ones; Some daddies sing in the shower and some sing their little ones to sleep; Some work at home whereas some daddies work far away; Some daddies have lots of hair and some daddies have a little hair; Some daddies like to make cookies and some daddies just like to buy them; Some daddies like to camp out with their little ones and some daddies like to sleep in but all daddies love to watch them sleep. Some daddies play with their sons in their tree houses and some daddies have tea parties with their daughters but all daddies like to try out new things with their little ones! From a grateful daughter and a lucky wife – Happy father’s day!!

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  1. Dear Divya,

    I should thank you for introducing Abhay to such nice books at this impressionable age and making me part of this fun ride. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Daddy Book to him. These moments with my son are simple pleasures of my life which are made possible by you. I think so long as dads accept sharing the daily chores of kids as one of their responsibilities and not as a favor towards wife, life will be good. Can you see the halo behind my head? :-)