Friday, May 6, 2011

My Red Bike!

A home with kids is a houseful of toys and our home is no exception, it is in fact overflowing with toys! Abhay’s toys are more than just toys in his room; they are a part of our home decor! On any given day, our house resembles Toys R’Us more than any ordinary apartment! If you want to relax on our couch, you’re most welcome but you’ll also be cruising alongside race cars like McQueen and Mater who have their race tracks set up on the sofa’s arm rest. You sit to eat at our dining table; you’ll find Thomas and his Friends also resting on the table, tooting their whistles.  The center table at the living room has more children’s books that regular books or magazines! (Frankly, Im the one to blame for this!) Anyway, one ubiquitous toy that can be found wherever Abhay goes is his big red tricycle! So if Abhay has to use the bathroom, he doesn’t walk, instead he rides on his tricycle that also pulls his Pluto along. If he is called for dinner, though his room is right across the dining area, he has to arrive on his red bike in all pomp and splendor. Not to mention, we’ve even decided to put up “No parking” signs to avoid tripping over his three-wheeler parked at all the wrong places!! :-)

Today I read a book that most kids who play with their ride-on or pull along toys will enjoy and Abhay too was not disappointed – ‘Red Wagon” by Renata Liwska. Lucy got a brand new red wagon and had a whole list of games to play with it  and grocery shopping was certainly not on that list. But as her mother insists, she decides to go shopping pulling her wagon along. The book follows Lucy in her adventure as she pulls the wagon up the hill, down the hill, through rain-storms and sunshine and finally reaches the market where hoards all the vegetables in her wagon and tugs her useful pull-along toy all the way back home. On reaching home, Lucy can’t wait to play with her wagon and when she finally does get a chance, she is seen all curled up and fast sleep in her favorite red wagon! Now we all know who’s to pull the wagon….Lucy’s daddy!!:-)


  1. Abhay has found a very innovative way of travelling inside the

  2. Innovative it is...but at times, it does get on my nerves!