Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling good!

What makes one feel good? As we transition from cold weather to warmer temperatures, I feel good if I hear the weather forecast for the coming weekend as warm and sunny!! My husband though does not share the same feeling as it means he cannot laze around at home with the excuse of bad weather!! Abhay feels good when he sees the candy aisle at the grocery store and we do not reciprocate the same feeling! While on a stroll, my foodie husband feels good as he inhales the smell of onion pakodas emanating from an  apartment building obviously inhabited by Indians! On the other hand I cannot say that I feel good about the same as Im sure a 'food request' is on its way! :-) Anyway, there are so many things that you see, or do, or plan on doing that make you feel good. Thinking about them too makes you feel good, isn’t it? 

Today I read a book titled “The Feel Good Book” by the well known author and illustrator, Todd Parr. A great book to read to your little one who’s feeling sad and blue for some reason. Abhay was feeling tired and exhausted today, so I wanted to cheer him up with this book. Who doesn’t feel good when given a great big hug, or when tickled, or while taking a bubble bath, laughing out loud or watching grandma and grandpa dance, playing under the sprinkler, making monkey sounds…….? At the same time, other things like, making new friends, showing the new friend around, sharing your treats, visiting a sick friend, being brave, giving somebody something special and saying I love you also make you feel good!  I read this book to Abhay at bedtime hoping he’ll feel good as he goes to sleep, but his ‘feel good’ request instead is for me to read the book again...and again and again! Now:...Im the one who's not feeling good!

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