Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day!

Today is Mother's day and it was time for a mommies day out! So I went out with a group of  my mommy friends, all of us taking some time off from our kids - the very reason we are called 'mommy'! Just like any other demanding job, a mom's job too is not without its pressures - pressure to be a perfect mom, pressure to be a mom who does it all, peer pressure (X's mom takes her to music class, should I enroll my son too?!!),  or simply pressure to live up to a maternal Goddess status! Of course, there are days when you look at your wailing baby and wonder "What was I thinking?", or days when you want to disown your little one who's throwing a fit in a public place, or days when you wish you could just quit doing what you're doing and feeling this way is but natural as ...we are only human! At the same time, it is also true that any mom would trade the world to see the smile on her little one's face! After all, God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers!!! To my mom and moms all over the world - three cheers to motherhood!!

Today, on the occasion of mother's day, I read "The Mommy Book" by Todd Parr. In this colorful book, the author brings out all kinds of mommies one sees - the mommy who drives a pick-up van, the mommy who drives  a motor cycle, the mommy who loves to dress up, the mommy who plays in the rain, the mommy who likes to dance, the mommy who teaches you to paint, the mommy who teaches you to swim, the mommy with short hair, the mommy with long hair, the mommy who cooks, the mommy who orders pizza, the mommy who flies kites, the mommy who sing songs or reads stories and so on. But all mommies like to hang out with their kids, or watch them sleep or hug them or blow them kisses and finally all mommies want their kids to be who they are!! Happy Mother's day!!!

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