Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Mommy met Daddy!

Kids sometimes find it hard to imagine that their parents had a life before they were born! Actually, most parents feel the same way  - they had a ‘life’ before the birth of their kids  and ‘life’ would never come back!!!!  Abhay is not all that pleased to look at our wedding photos or other pictures taken before we became Abhay’s parents. He cannot bear to see his parents 'all smiles' without him anywhere around! His eternal question is “Where was I when this picture was taken”? As some of the pictures he was referring to were taken during my pregnancy, I tried to explain to him that he was in my tummy at that point.  Hmmm...that was not a wise thing to do as the other day we caught him pointing to one of our wedding photos and explaining to our friends that he was in his mommy’s tummy, when this picture was taken! Believe me, that was embarrassing and what’s more embarrassing is that I’m writing about it!!!:-)

So I resorted to my tried and tested method – reading books! Today I read “ How Mommy met Daddy” by Kathrina Grossmann-Hensel. A little boy narrates the story of his mommy and daddy, how they were before, how they met and how they changed thereafter. Beautifully illustrated, this book helps your little one understand that mommy and daddy were two different individuals leading two separate lives until they met one and another and then turn into each other! :-) In the book, the little boy explains that his mommy liked things to be colorful and messy whereas daddy liked things plain and neat! He goes on to describe how different their lives were until they meet each other. Opposites attract and so did mommy and daddy. In the years that followed, they fell in love, got married, had a baby and did everything together. After all those years, they are far from the two diametrically opposite personalities they once were! Mommy was no longer messy and daddy no longer plain. When the little one grows up, he cannot tell the difference between mommy and daddy as they had grown alike each other in every possible way!! Abhay didn’t seem to understand how people in marriage could so change so radically! I could understand …. having seen my parents who just celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary yesterday! Though just a day late…..Happy Anniversary appa and amma!!  


  1. Its just awesome Divya!Belated wishes to your parents.

  2. Divya,
    Thanks a lot for the wishes,and more so for the apt story in the blog How mommy met Daddy.As you have observed we grown together ,matured toget
    her with our daughter!!
    Appa and amma