Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Car Wash Kid!

Most boys love accompanying their dads to a car wash center. Abhay too doesn’t miss an opportunity to watch his car get a bubble bath. His excitement peaks as we drive into the wash lane, roll up the windows and shift the gear to neutral and enjoy all the action from inside! Given a choice, Abhay would prefer we get an automated car wash every day! :-)

Today I read “Car Wash Kid” by Cathy Goldberg Fishman and illustrated by Barry Gott. This is a Rookie Reader publication, with a subject interesting enough for any emergent reader to want to read all by himself!! Frankly, Abhay is not too crazy about reading on his own and instead prefers I read to him, but this book was an exception.  Not only was he interested in reading this book,  but he wanted to read it again all by himself at bedtime, that too after an exhausting day!  A little boy finds that his car is need of a thorough wash. So along with his dad, he sets out to turn into a car wash kid! Dad becomes the soap man and the son the hose man, squirting water from the pipe and together they team up to give the car a shiny new look! With simple sentences composed mainly of sight words and short vowels sounds, this book forms a great incentive to encourage reading. So if you have an aspiring car wash kid at home, this one is for you!  

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  1. Wow!that's a good start for Abhay..shows that u r doing a great job of inculcating the precious habit of reading...