Saturday, May 28, 2011

Big Boy and his bed!

Kids go through different phases in their day to day lives that can compare to changing fashion trends. What was in yesterday is out today! Some phases recur and some don’t; some phases are here to stay and some are over before they’ve even begun and some you like and some you spike! For instance, there’s a “No-eating Phase”and “Cant stop eating phase”, or the “Sleepless phase” and “Cant get enough sleep phase” or ‘Love my chocolate milk phase”and “Suddenly allergic to milk phase”, “Love my school phase” and “Don’t-want to-go-to-school phase”! Anyway, Abhay’s in the “I don’t want to sleep alone phase”! After bragging to my friends and on my blog about how my four year independently sleeps in his room, I’ve had to eat my own words! Every night as we tuck him into bed, we hear him saying “Sleeping on my own is no longer fun” or “Im tired of sleeping in my room” and whispers in his daddy’s ears asking him if he can sleep in our bed. The whispering is  because he knows what  the answer will be, if overheard by mommy! :-)

Anyway, for obvious reasons, today I read “My Big Boy Bed” by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Maggie Smith. Donny is excited to move into his big boy bed from a crib. Why? Because there are so many reasons to look forward to sleeping on your big boy bed! The bed has the big boy sheets and the big boy quilt spread out and big boys can read in bed too! Not only that, big boys can bounce high up on the bed  or hide under it to scare off a pet. At bed time, once the big boy is tucked into bed, he is free to get out any time and play around until his parents find out and ask him to get back in bed again!  But Donny gets out again and tip toes into his baby brother’s room to find his brother sleeping in his crib. As he kisses his baby brother good night, he bids good bye to the crib and climbs back to his bed meant for a big boy like him! So Abhay….ready to go to sleep in your big boy bed?

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