Friday, May 27, 2011

Day and Night!

Every time we call India to talk to my parents, there is one question Abhay never fails to ask and that is whether it is day or night in India. Abhay seems fascinated by how his grandparents can see the sun in India when at the same time, in Portland it is nearing bedtime.  No sooner he hears a ‘hello’ on the other side, than he’s already on to his mandatory query “Is it morning in India?” Sometimes, my mom beats him to it and promptly informs Abhay the time of the day as soon he comes on the phone. But a relentless four year old that he is, he still feels duty bound to check on the day and night status on the other side of the globe! 

So last week when my husband traveled to Houston, he happen to visit the NASA museum and picked up a book that explains the science of day and night. Today I read “What makes Day and Night” by Franklyn M Branley and illustrated by Arthur Dorros. Though a Stage 2 book in the Let’s-Read-And Find-Out Science series, meant for children from age 5 to 9, Abhay seemed interested. The book provides a simple understanding and presents a creative demonstration of the concept of day and night in an age appropriate manner.  Though essentially a work of non-fiction, the illustrations gave a feeling of a story weaved in and Abhay listened with rapt attention. He even noticed that I skipped a few pages in between and wanted me go over them again. In order to make it simple, you are encouraged to do a small science experiment using the flashlight as sun and your little one posing as the earth. Of course, this book is meant more for older kids, but it’s never too early to develop a scientific temper. Isn’t it? At least, the next time he speaks to his grandparents, he can answer his own question on whether it is day or night in India!!

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