Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mommy's magical purse!

Having kids changes everything – perspectives, priorities, tastes and interests, sometimes even appearances and the accessories that you may carry! One of your accessories that is most likely to become a victim of circumstances would be your handbag! Gone are the days of carrying a clutch purse, now you need to make provision for every possible need, craving, eventuality or mishap. Once you have a baby, not only do you stop being brand-crazy as far as hand bags are concerned, but also stop caring if your diaper bag goes well with your outfit! As your baby grows older, you may not need to carry diapers or wipes anymore, but you still need to fit in food, snacks, water, first-aid, sanitizing tissues, umbrella, caps, toys, books so on and so forth. In other words a mom’s hand bag is truly a bag of wonders – you never know what you’ll get!:-)

Staying on the mother’s day theme, I read “Momma’s Magical purse” by Paulette Bogan. David is skeptical when he hears Rachel say that her mother’s purse is magical and has everything anyone could possibly want. But when he sees mommy pull out a bandage to nurse Rachel’s injured knee, sweaters for both of them when the wind gets cold, a perfect picnic lunch when they ‘re hungry, raincoats and umbrellas when it starts to rain unexpectedly, even a bucket to collect raindrops and finally a rescue kit to save David from drowning in the pond, he is finally convinced that momma’s big purse indeed possesses magical properties! Good to know that I’m not the only one slinging a huge ugly looking handbag wherever I go. At least Im well prepared when Abhay asks for a ‘cookie’, the moment we get into the car, even if he’s just had lunch!:-)


  1. Good one.I can understand the importance of a handbag especially if u have a lil one in ur life.Guess, handbags like yours are truly magical!!

  2. haah I agree divya, extra set of dress, snacks on the go, some first aid kit etc etc..that purse never looks cute :)