Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pretend Play!

Children love pretend play of all kinds. Pretend play or Role play is also a good source of entertainment and learning for your little one to indulge in. Role play not only stimulates their intellectual development but helps them think in abstract and understand another’s perspective. Boys love playing superheroes rescuing the fallen and girls enjoy pretending to be pretty princesses with their fancy tea parties. Pretend play also exposes how  your kids think of you and the results can be an eye-opener! One of Abhay’s favorite games is to pretend to be either one of his parents. Abhay loves mimicking my characteristic style of giving him time-outs and tries the same on his soft-toys; or getting into daddy’s shoes (even literally) pretending to be him with a classic imitation of daddy’s annoyed expression on his face! I guess, the day is not far when he’ll do a stand-up act on us that we’ll get to see on Youtube!:-)

Today I read a book titled “Can you make a scary face?” by Jan Thomas that encourages children to do just that. It’s a wonderful book to read to a group of young kids and have them play out all the funny faces and simply watch the fun! A pretend play of wiggling a bug off your nose, blowing it out of the mouth (something all kids would love to do), doing the chicken dance to get the bug off your shirt and  imagining the appearance of a giant hungry frog to gobble up the bug and finally making a scary face to frighten the giant hungry frog. It’s a perfect plot for our little performers to put on a show. All world’s a stage isn’t it?


  1. Divya,
    WOW Achhu looks like Rajaram.His face, expression, eyes, standing posture, and wearing his shoes.He is really making a scary face.

  2. A frowning look!
    Imitating father?. No doubt he has got those qualities from Raja. He could be good mimic.

  3. OMG...thats a very nice imitation..LOL :-)