Saturday, April 2, 2011

Walk down memory lane!

One of the earliest book series my parents got me was the Disney’s Words Words series, a set of four books on "Words that Name Things", "Words that Do Things", "Words that Tell you about Things and Words that are Opposites". As a four year old in UKG (preschool in India), I was fascinated by the way in which Mickey mouse and his toon-town friends shed light on the words that name, describe and illustrate things around us in their own unique way. As I grew up, like a lot of my other stuff, those books were passed on to my younger cousins and eventually I do not know what became of them!:-) After I had Abhay, I tried to reclaim those books, but unfortunately discovered that finding those books was harder than tracing my own ancestry! By then, to my bad luck, my favorite books had earned the distinction of being out of print. So you can imagine my delight, when I chanced upon one of the books from the said series, “Words that Name Things” in a used books sale at the local library! Trust me, if your local library has a sale, don’t miss it, you never know what treasure you may find!
So today, Abhay picked up an old favorite of mine, a book that brought back sweet memories of my own childhood that seems like only yesterday! Walt Disney’s “Words That Name Things” is a wonderful book from my wonder years!  This book features names of places, objects and settings one often sees around with appropriate pictures to identify with. Predictably, Abhay’s favorite pages are Train ( Highlights the different types of engines/trains that will soon be on Abhay’s wish list) Clothes (showcasing an ideal wardrobe any kid would want to have), Bathtime (picture of a bath- tub prank played on the mommy duck that Abhay would love to recreate at home)! In addition to being a word book, this book also contains a number amusing games and puzzles to challenge your little ones. An ideal book for your toddler, preschooler or an early reader to enjoy and explore the world around them!


  1. wonderful!
    I am delighted to read your blog! Old memories, rather cherished ones! We would like to relive them.
    Appreciate you tenacity to look for them and finally find them, which we faild to trace.
    I am sure Abhay will enjoy reading them.

  2. Divya,
    Good, you got that book. Ican also relate with that book . It is Reliving parenthood!!!I still remember how you used to enjoy that book.Isee Achhu engrossed reading.

  3. Its really good that u r inculcating the habit of reading books to ur kid...Abhay looks so interested in reading in the pic!! later he will thank u for getting him interested in reading!!

    its really a very joyous felling when u find a precious book from ur childhood..:-)

  4. ps:i meant joyous feeling...