Thursday, April 28, 2011

United in Rhyme!

Abhay had a fun play date at his best friend’s house with two other kids today and boy oh boy, were the two boys unstoppable! As it has been a while since his last play date, Abhay’s excitement knew no bounds and it was the same with his friend! At one point of time, the boys were so loud that we moms could barely hear each other! Both Abhay and his best friend, though relatively quiet when on their own, turn  wild and boisterous when together!!  I guess most kids feel empowered with like-minded company to do things they are otherwise hesitant to do, esp. with strict moms around. So whether it is jumping on the bed, or making complete pigs of themselves with junk food or racing each other to the car on the road, kids learn very early that  “United we escape and divided we get a time-out ”!!! :-)

So today in order calm down the noisy bunch, I read “One Two, Three and Me” by Jeremy Fitzkee and illustrated by Nadia Budde. Not much of a story, but a wonderful book to teach kids about words that rhyme. This is most definitely a great way to engage the restless kids and see them laugh out loud at its whacky  illustrations. Believe me, it’s not just the kids who'll be entertained by the bear with a towel and an owl with girl named Pat and a cat which is pale and a whale that is wee and a bee which is half brunette and half blond!! So if you have five little monkeys jumping on your bed …..say one two three and me!!!


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  2. You should definitely try your hand in writing books divya :), so true what you have written in this blog!