Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beach Buddy!

Like everything else with parenting, traveling with kids, also calls for a balancing act. You want to make sure to get your money's  worth from your vacation package and at the same time, cannot take your kids for granted! So, just seconds before sunset, you're probably looking for restrooms for your little one instead of gazing at the red sky, you cannot  snorkel or scuba dive along with your husband but take turns to watch the kids or swallow the fact that your little one's having junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Most importantly, you have to learn to let go a little more than usual because just as much as it is your vacation, it is your little one's too!

So after yesterday's hectic drive, we decided to vacation Maui style - relax and rejuvenate on its beaches!! We let Abhay play with the sand as much as he wanted and took him to see the magical sunset in the evening. Today,  I read “Beach day" by Karen Roosa and illustrated by Maggie Smith. It’s a great book to read before you head out for some sunbathing in the beach. The author highlights fun activities a family indulges in, from morning till evening on a beach. Narrated in rhyming verses that will not only engage your little one but make you want to lie on sand too! Both you and your little one will be held spellbound by the illustrations of the roaring waves, foaming seas, sandy knees, flurrying clouds, scurrying sand crabs, snapping sails, napping babies, giant sand castles and scrumptious picnic lunches – all on a day at the beach! Reading this was like reliving my day today and not only Abhay, I too can't wait to hit the beach again tomorrow!!!:-)

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  1. wow!! nice pose..seems like kido is enjoying..