Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Surprise!

Today is Easter Sunday which for most part of my life didn’t mean much until three years ago when we moved to the US. Essentially a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter is also a time for decorating eggs and sharing chocolate eggs with friends and family. Most schools here have the kids engage in Easter related arts and crafts. The kids decorate eggs and fill them with candies and stickers to be used in egg hunts held by the school during the course of the week prior to Easter Sunday. Abhay’s school held its Egg Hunt last Thursday that Abhay missed as we were in Hawaii. Anyway, I dug up some old photos of Abhay’s first egg hunt two years ago in his earlier school. I had my own Easter surprise looking at the snaps!! Man….kids grow up so fast! 

For Easter, I read a book from Strawberry Shortcake series that is titled “Easter Surprise” by Amy Ackelsberg and illustrated by Laura Thomas. On Easter Morning, Blueberry Muffin invited her other berry friends over for an Easter celebration. Surprised at the lack of Easter decorations, Raspberry wondered if they were early for the party. Blueberry reassured them that the party was very much on and each one of them had to hunt for their Easter surprise baskets with the help of clues provided at various stages. So Orange Blossom, Plum Pudding, Strawberry shortcake, Raspberry Torte, Lemon Meringue go on a treasure hunt looking for clues at berry grove, bluebird’s nest, postmaster’s office and finally on a river bank where Blueberry muffin was waiting with her Easter surprise for her berry friends all of them who won their Easter baskets full of beautifully decorated Easter eggs.  Abhay found the Easter surprise berry entertaining!:-) Happy Easter guys!

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