Saturday, April 9, 2011

Size - Does it matter?

At various stages of our lives, be it our personal or professional, we all have confronted the question of whether size matters at all, both literally and figuratively! Today I read a wonderful book on the Big vs little scenario titled “Tiny Little Fly” by Michael Rosen and Kevin Waldron. Believe me when I say that I could lay my hands on this much acclaimed book after a wait of almost over four months! Within the first couple of pages, I realized it was well worth the wait! 

The tiny little fly is seen buzzing about its business, first landing on an elephant’s nose when the elephant winking one eye, decides to catch the fly. The Elephant's languid movements are no match to the swift fly who finds refuge under the Hippo’s ear. As the Hippo winks one eye and rolls over to catch the fly, the tiny fly takes off to settle on the claws of a tiger. With a wink, the tiger swoops to catch the fly, but it turns out that none of the gargantuan animals can catch up with this tiny fugitive! Finally, with a wink in one eye, the tiny little fly bids good bye and off he flies! Abhay liked the story and kept turning its pages, even after I was done reading. I liked the bold illustrations and the four page pull out picture of all three animals’ foiled attempt at nabbing the tricky little bug! If you think you are too small to be effective, just remember the tiny little fly!

1 comment:

  1. You can not think, being small is ineffective!
    The story is quite impressive for a child's mind as to how a small / Tiny fly can trouble big and mighty animals and get away with it, not being caught or punished!
    Good lesson of confidence building of young minds.