Friday, March 11, 2011

A Veggie Tale!

I fail to understand what these kids have against fruits and vegetables! If you go veggie shopping as per what they like and what they spike, you’d probably end up with hardly anything on your cart. Hmmm….are they offering a solution to the rising prices of fruits & vegetables? You are in a a bit of pickle if your little one has a problem with the vegetables that form your staple diet like carrot and beans or worse still the ‘filler vegetables’ like peas, potatoes or tomatoes. Sometimes, they want to eat the same vegetable day in and day out and this means you become a ‘subject matter expert’ on that vegetable! For instance, I am an SME on radish or its American equivalent Daikon!!! :-)

Anyway, talking about fussing over vegetables, today I read a book from Charlie & Lola series“I will never not ever eat a Tomato” by Lauren Child. Charlie has a tough job on hand, to get his little sister Lola to finish dinner. The problem is that Lola rejects every edible item on the dinner table and emphatically adds that she will never, not ever eat a tomato! So Charlie tricks her into believing that orange sticks are not carrots but are twiglets from Jupiter and the tiny green things are not peas but droplets all the way from Greenland! So Charlie tries to glorify each of the veggies into a heavenly delight from the skies above! Lola then beats Charlie to it when she expresses her willingness to try some of the ‘red moon squirters’ that we all know are nothing but tomatoes!! So, I suppose we should all just “rename and relish’!


  1. Divya, now that you are also reading Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, what do you think the Tiger Mom would have done to get Lola eat a Tomato?

    Carrot for thought :-)

  2. There are so many choices these days even in eating! A visit to a supermarket would make one cofused which fruit or vegetable to buy, may be price of them would be one important considerations but would we not make buying decisins on how frequent we use them? May be, we leave the choice of buying them to the child so that he is part of the decision making which will not entitle him later for dislike or refuse eating.
    Why don't try it out and see his response.