Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Happy Meal!

We all love our kids, but if there’s one thing we would like to change in them…what would it be? I am not sure of everyone, but for me and I guess, many moms, it would have to be our little ones' ‘picky eating’ habit! Wouldn’t life be much easier if that were to actually happen? If a Genie grants me three wishes… all three wishes would relate to my son’s ‘selective eating disorder’!! Our kids have made lifestyle choices very early in their lives. I mean, they already know if they want to be Vegan (No milk), anti-vegetarian ( No Vegetables) or Fruitarians ( wanting only a fruit based meal ) or anti-fruitarian ( like my son ) or a brand icon for McDonalds! Of course, it’s also about presentation – some like it hot and some like it cold; some like it mashed and some like it chewy; some like it watery and some like it dry; some like it homemade and some like to eat out; some like it desi and some like it videsi, making you go all crrrrrraaaaazzzzzzy!!!!

So in an attempt to highlight the plight of parents, I read “No More, Por Favor” a bi-lingual book by Susan Middleton Elva and pictures by David Walker. A story set in a tropical rain forest full of picky eaters - a finicky baby Monkey who makes a face when offered a banana; a baby Parrot who refuses to eat a papaya, a baby Toucan who spits out pomegranate; a baby Iguana who finds the mango too sweet; a baby Butterfly who cannot stand to suck the nectar of flowers and so on. When all the fusspots get invited to a rain forest food fiesta, they happily trade each others' lunch boxes. So the baby Monkey munches on the Parrot’s papaya who in turn finds the pineapple delectable! The baby Iguana finds the Toucan’s pomegranate appetizing who in turn tries out bananas! Having feasted on each others' food, the satiated souls belch out a loud burp of delight! So calling all moms of picky eaters…..let’s have a food festival of our own!!:-)

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  1. Divya,
    Ilike the rhymingwords desi vedesi crazy. SO when you are having picky eaters food festival!!1