Monday, March 21, 2011

Tell me Why?

Abhay is now at an age when he is bursting with questions all the time. As much as I would like him to develop a curious mind, sometimes I'm not pleased with his sense of timing. “Why is that car being towed by another truck”? just as I'm about to merge into the main road or Why don’t you ever buy me chocolates?” during our grocery shopping just before dinner! “Why do I have to go to bed?” just as I tuck him to bed after an exhausting day! Or trick questions like “Are you angry?” when he’s knows he’s done something wrong! Or sometimes questions leading to supplemental questions that have no answers; Or amusing questions about nature like “Why is sky so high?”; Or questions that leave you baffled like “Where was I before I was born?”! As a parent, you better have the answers and if you don’t, there is no option to pass the question! Believe me, when I’ve tried the lame reply of “I don’t know”, he has vehemently shot back saying “NO, you know”!!

So I couldn’t believe my luck when I chanced upon on a book at the library titled “WHY” by Richard Torrey. Jack is a curious little boy who is always full of questions!!! He has a question on everything from cookies ( Why do they put these holes in the crackers?) to food (Why does all the good-for-you food taste bad?) to pets (Why cant keep this garden lizard in my room?) to routine stuff (Why do I have to take a bath?) to TV-time (Why is it always your turn?) or bed time (Why cant I jump on the bed?). Abhay enjoyed this book as he saw Jack echo his own sentiments as he asked “Why cant we read just one more book?” and to which Abhay further added “Why can’t we read this book again?”!


  1. Divya.
    you know as they grow old they stop ask questions. Then it is your turn to ask WHY?