Thursday, March 3, 2011

More than common ..cold!

One of the most annoying aspects of early childhood is the love-hate relationship your child shares with the Cold virus!! Abhay has been down with cold for the last couple of days with his little nose running a 10K marathon! This cold has been his companion for the whole of January and after a brief reprieve has once again returned home! Oh God…..when will this perpetually running nose get a breather? We all know there is no cure to common cold, but when common cold becomes constant cold…….what do you do? Of course, the doctor says its business as usual especially with children less than 10 who must suffer through this to strengthen their immunity….whenever that happens! So until then, its Vicks to the rescue!!!

So today, I read something to cheer him up, a book called "Guess Who, Baby duck" by Amy Hest and illustrated by Jill Barton. This book also enlightens you on the ways to engage your little one who has a sick day. A story of a baby duck who’s unable to go outside as she is sniffing and sneezing with cold. Guess who came to cheer her up…..her Grandpa! Grandpa brings along a big album full of her baby pictures which both of them flip though and enjoy together. Baby duck is delighted to have her grandpa regal her with a slide show of all the pictures accompanied by a live commentary of how she looked when she was born, her first bath, her first steps and her first birthday. In her grandpa’s company, her cold starts to feel better and she gets down to sketch out an image of her grandpa landing a kiss on her cheek….including yet another picture in her memorabilia. As I finished this book, I knew what was coming. So here's a request for my dad "Appa….can you fly down from India for a day’?


  1. Poor Abhay..hope he gets better..Also,if Abhay's wish is to see his grandpa,it must be fulfilled..I support him. :)

  2. I wish I could!
    Though not physically come there, I can cheer him up from here. Of course you got him an opportunity of seeing & talking to us and we indeed enjoyed listening to his singing yesterday thanks to skype. We too planted a flying kiss on his cheek to make him to feel better which though could not given him respite from cold!

  3. Cheers to the technology!!It has made life a bit easier..May God bless ur cutie pie son,Divya.
    When you are in India(b'lore) may be we should meet sometime ..

  4. Thanks for your wishes Shilpa! Yes...Abhay did feel better after we skyped with my parents. Yes...We are planning to return to India sometime mid this should definitely meet up then!