Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's day, a religious feast in commemoration of Saint Patrick, the Irish Patron Saint. Though a religious occasion mainly for Catholics and Anglicans, this day has graduated into being a celebration of Irish culture. Today, people wear green to symbolise the green shamrock (an Irish three leaved plant) that Saint Patrick used to demonstrate the holy trinity. Many US cities hold parades on this day and their lakes are dyed green in honor of Saint Patrick. Abhay's school observed this day by requiring all students be dressed in green and organised Saint Patrick's arts and crafts. But for Abhay and his classmates, the best part about St. Patrick's day was the green cupcakes!

Abhay and his friend Keshav going green!

Jokes apart, today I read a book representing St. Patrick's day titled "Harp O' Gold" by Teresa Bateman aand illustrated by Jill Weber. A story of an Irish musician named Tom, who's struggling to make his ends meet by playing the harp. One day in a forest, he meets Sean O'dell , a short man who offers his gold harp in exchange for Tom's old harp, which Toms readily accepts. As he begins playing the gold harp, he finds its music shallow and no match to the melody of his old harp. But he carries on with the gold harp as it attracts large crowds and eventually lands him a place at the King's Court, which has always been his dream! Soon he realises that he has become a prisoner of the palace having to play according to the whims of the king. In the end, he manages to escape from the palace and journeys to the same forest where he once again meets Sean O'dell and admits his mistake. As Tom accepts his folly, he turns around to find his old harp and is delighted to play its strings and the music it makes fills the emptiness in his heart. Although, this story is a tough one for you to follow, Abhay just remember this "What you need is within you, you just need the eyes to see it and the heart to feel it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all about St. Patrick's day.I first heard it on Oprah's fan page.Its a good tradition.The way you have explained is not just inspirational for kids only but to adults also especially the last sentence...
    ps : both the kids are looking good in green :)