Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cake Teeth!

Can't Wait!

I don’t enjoy taking my son to birthday parties, more so, when my husband is not around. Why? Because he cannot keep his tongue off the birthday cake! It’s hard enough having to restrain him from licking the icing off his own birthday cake, before everyone arrives; it’s even more embarrassing at a friend’s birthday party. Trust me, until the cake is cut, I would put him on a leash, if I could; And after the painful wait, all he wants to do is scrape the frosting off the cake slice! I’m the lucky one to have the leftovers! :-) I’m sure this is something most moms would relate to! Being the recycling bin for all the Oreos (cream biscuits) with their icing licked off!

Anyway, speaking of fondness for anything sugary, today I read “Sweet Tooth” by Margie Palatini and illustrated by Jack E Davis. This is a story of Stewart and his battle with an overpowering sweet tooth. It felt like dejavu for Abhay and me as Stewart is seen sampling the wedding cake even before the toast is proposed and his sweet tooth is to blame! Going for the movies with Stewart is no fun as his insatiable sweet tooth is constantly yelling for yummy gummies disturbing everyone around. Finally, Stewart decides that it’s time to get his sweet tooth to follow a strict regimen of sugar free diet that the mighty milk tooth tries hard to resist. In the end, Stewart emerges victorious as the desweetened molar falls victim to the tooth fairy! Try flossing this over your little one’s stubborn sweet tooth! :-)


  1. This is one of ur sweetest blogs.....may be bcoz there is a lot of sugar in it :-)enjoyed it a lot!!
    Abay is having a naughty look...just to say..."ok mom ..time to lick the icing"

  2. Thanks Shilpa! You are right...he dug into its icing the second I clicked!