Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Play Date Planner

Early childhood friendships are most perplexing in as much as they alternate between their highest peak and lowest ebb in a matter of seconds leaving you all confused and bemused at the same time. Abhay had a playdate with one of his best friends today and it was super entertaining to watch the two preschoolers play, pretend, fight and make up all in the same breath. For those unaware, a playdate is a pre-planned meeting arranged mostly by moms for their kids to get together and play for a few hours while they exchange parenting tips. A playdate typically involves a discovery tour of all the toys at home, a mini parade of all the ride-on toys, an occasional tug-of war for a toy that is totally ignored otherwise, constant nagging over the virtue of sharing, wistful reminders of how kids grow up so quickly, pure, unstructured and unadultrated fun and lots and lots of cookies!:-) Thanks Supraja for having us over.

So today I read the story of " Ribbit Rabbit' by Candace Ryan and illustrated by Mike Lowery for Abhay and his friend during their playdate. Frog and Bunny are best friends who play together, swim together, snack together and pretend to fight monsters together. Despite their friendship, they have their differences too. At times, they are seen fighting over little things like the key to the toy robot and at times big things like the toy robot itself and at other times, both big and little things. As the best friends remain at war, they both soon feel lonely in absence of each other's company. So they decide to bury the hatchet and work out a way to share the toy and play together like best friends should! An excellent guide book for your little one's next playdate!


  1. looks like u guys had a great time..u r today's blog is almost like poetry...with words confused and bemused
    u've explained beautifully..the concept of playdate....

  2. Divya,
    It is good that you have explained what is a playdate.Iam new to this concept.
    As you said it is fun to watch the "unstructured and unadultrated fun' For meit is nice to read your writing.